Saturday, December 11, 2010

หยาดทิพย์ ราชปาล ขึ้นปก FHM - September 2010 India

หยาด หยาดทิพย์ ราชปาล ขึ้นปก สุดเซ็กซี่ FHM อินเดีย ประจำเดือนกันยายน ปี 2010
FHM - September 2010 India PDF Free Magazine Download

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dolphin Browser HD Android Download v3.0.0 with License

Dolphin Browser is by far the best browser for Android Smartphones which also supports add-ons. Dolphin Browser HD is a brand new version of Dolphin Browser. Enjoy Dolphin Browser without Ads!
Dolphin Browser HD Androdi
New features and update in Dolphin Browser HD v3.0.0
Dolphin Browser HD AndroidPerformance improved
A new settings page
Add option for Exit through menu button in Settings
Add option to Clear Cookie when you exit Dolphin Browser HD in Settings
Add option for New tab action (Now you can change back to “Go to left Bookmarks side bar” directly when clicking “+”)
Add option for Volume Key Action in settings (Now you can choose to use volume key to scroll your page, switch tabs, or just a volume controller)
Add option to disable showing recently closed tabs’ links in new tab page
Add option to disable the search suggestion when you try to use the address bar to enter the URL or the keywords you want to search via Google
Notes: You can visit this post to see user-friendly guide for the new settings page along with the new options.
Add ipad user agent
Add “Set as” & “Copy URL” option when you long press a image in the web-page
Fixed Force Close bugs
Optimize the installation package, from 1.7M to 1.4M
Fixed “the left slide bar issue” on Dell Streak and other android tablets
Change the entry of the history tab, now you can access history more easily, just like what you do to access the bookmarks management.
Dolphin Browser™ HD was developed for Android by Dolphin Browser
Package name : mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser.apk
File size: 1.41MB
Download Dolphin Browser HD Android v3.0.0
Dolphin Browser HD apk
Install Instruction:  First Download Dolphin Browser HD apk file above install it then Download Dolphin Browser HD license apk here  and install. Restart restart Dolphin after installing this license. Enjoy!

Kungfu Chopsticks Android Download Game v1

Kungfu Chopsticks is a fun 3D game that simulates catching bugs with your chopsticks by ‘pinching your fingers’ on the screen!
Kungfu Chopsticks Android game           Kungfu Chopsticks Android game
Features include:
- 3 environments (a skill test, challenge, and a tournament)
- Real-time world rankings in each environment
- 8 unlockable types of chopsticks
- 6 belts to be reached
HINT: Middle & thumb to pinch!
Kungfu Chopsticks was developed by Yang Han
Package name: kungfu-chopsticks-1.0.apk
File size: 6.65MB
Download Kungfu Chopsticks game for Android v1.0
Kungfu Chopsticks android apk

Friday, September 24, 2010

Krazy Kart Racing for Android Download v1.2.7

Krazy Kart Racing Download now, Don’t miss it! Start your engines – the most extensive iPhone Kart Racing game of all times is now available! Get into your kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Compete in 5 different singleplayer modes with 10 well-known Konami characters in 3D cartoon style or challenge up to 6 of your friends in local or internet wifi multiplayer mode. Use the countless extras to activate the nitro boost, slow down your opponents with obstacles and take the lead. Dynamic camera balancing helps you focus completely on racing, leading to an outstanding playability. Can you cross the finish line in first place?
Krazy Kart Racing Android game
Krazy Kart Racing game Hints:
• Red bells give you random weapons while blue bells always give you a speed boost. Consider the layout of the track ahead of you as well as your position in the race and select which bell to go for accordingly.
• If you are having problems completing a race, try it out with different characters. Some courses are made for high-speed, some are not.
• Save your boosts for the optimal moment. Sometimes you will be able to clear obstacles that would otherwise be impossible. It’s quicker to go over something than around it.
• If you have trouble staying on course try using Robbie the Rabbit. He’s a bit slow but easiest to control.
Krazy Kart Racing game was developed for Android by Konami
Package name: com.krazyracers.v1.2.7.apk
File size: 18.83MB
Download Krazy Kart Racing Android game v1.2.7
Krazy Kart Racing apk

Talking Tom Cat Android Download full v1.0

Get Talking Tom Cat the funniest app for your Android Smartphone. Tom is your pet cat, feed him milk and he will responds to touch and repeats you in a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail.
Talking Tom Cat Android     Talking Tom Cat Android
Record videos of him and share them on YouTube/Facebook or e-mail. NOTE: This version has no ad
New free animation: scratching!
Less promotional buttons Fixed lag issues
Talking Tom Cat Free was developed for Android by Outfit7 Ltd.
Package name : com.outfit7.talkingtom.apk
File size: 17MB
Before you proceed to download watch the short review of Talking Tom Cat Android taken from youtube
Download Talking Tom Cat Android full version 1.0
Talking Tom Cat

RockPlayer Universal for Android Download v1.1.47

RockPlayer Universal v1.1.47: Fixed screen dim issue. Get a video player for your Android that can play almost every video format. No more worrying about video encoding. Just download and watch your favourite videos. RockPlayer is an embedded platform, high-performance all-format video player. With optimized for mobile devices, and highly optimized core players FFMpeg decoder, RockPlayer Android platform has become the highest performance of the most extensive format support for video player.
RockPlayer can play: avi mkv rmvb mp4 mov wmv asf wma wav mpg ts mpa dvd au mp3 mid ivf aiff ogm ogg cda flic d2v aac roq flac drc dsm swf pls pmp.Audio and video encoding format AAC AC3 DTS FLV4 LPCM ALAW ULAW MPEG Audio MPEG-1 MPEG-2 RealVideo RealAideo Vorbis AVC VC1 XVID DIVX SVQ Theora Bink Theora Bink basically includes all popular multimedia formats.
RockPlayer Universal  for Android
RockPlayer Universal features:
No more transcoding: Nevertheless avi, rmvb, flv or mkv, RockPlayer plays any format as on your PC. With its innovative features, RockPlayer will reform your video experience on mobile devices. Green!
Best Experience: better performance, higher image quality, higher resolution!
Dual Core Playback: Beside the high performance engine built-in, RockPlayer also make most of the OpenCORE inside Android system; you may switch the engine freely.
Handy Features: resume playing, subtitle support, battery prompt over the video view
RockPlayer (ARMv6) was developed for Android by Holly Lee
Package name :

Download RockPlayer Universal Android v1.1.47
rockplayer universal android apk

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