Friday, October 10, 2008

15 Joomla Extensions (New & 2008 Update)

Joomla Plugins Pack 2

* 1. Admin session logout problems with Joomla! 1.0.13 Patch.
* The official discussion can be read here:,193707 This patch installs just like a component and will give you immediate feedback upon a successful installation or any problems. It will create a backup of the original files in the respective folders and replace them with the included patched files.
The patch will not act if it detects AEC or JACLPlus.

* 2. Calendar Icon
* Extract the published date from an article and insert a Calendar Icon containing the date the article was published next to the title.
Plugin has opportunity to changing styles of calendars (CSS technology). Easy to configuration.

* 3. Horizontal Slideshow 1.0 module
If u put the picture in slight mode, give a link, and edit the speed, u can change the color of the back ground.
As you understand it will be a mini picture gallery.

* 4. Core Design Content Protect Silver plugin for Joomla! 1.0
Protect revolution for your content. You can protect content with different method, for example HTTP or with cookie. Visitors can view the content only when enter a correct username (password, both). You can protect the part of your content too.

* 5. Google Analytics 2008 Joomla Module
This module allows you to insert the updated 2008 Google Analytics tracking code, which has it’s own SSL detection swap, into your Joomla site as a module. You can place the module anywhere, but it's best to place it as the last item before the close body tag. This is an update of the original module from Holsum Studios (props!) and has been updated with Google's newest updated analytics code for 2008. For setup instructions, Holsum had suggested that you set the module title to 'no' and module to 'all pages'. You could also add it as a tag to the bottom of your skin template.

* 6. Employment Application (Joomla! 1.5 Component)
* A simple, generic employment application directed towards smaller businesses. Front end user data entry with back-end administration. Version 0.5 -Demo October 15th, 2007

* 7. YouTube Module
Add Youtube videos to your menus, easy to install. Just need to insert the video ID and change the size to suit.

* 8. Mos Photo Puzzle: Play photopuzzle games in Joomla
* This mambot is coded from Custom Photo Puzzle at http://. You can put these games into any Joomla content. You can change any parameters you want in the first TAG {photopuzzle ...}. Mambot call: {photopuzzle parameters} Image link {/photopuzzle}; Note: The images size should be 400x300 pixels. The details configuration is supported in the mambot configuration.

* 9. Latest News by Publish Date
* This module, build a list with the last added content. The list will be sort of the Publish date and the exact time listed. DEMO:

* 10. Image Gallery / Simply Simple
* The first draft a of a simple gallery made in Spanish and that you can change to your free will. When you click on the small thumbnail SLIMBOX effect will load your picture, still we are working under lots of functionalities like Comments and Recommend to a friend but you can check a demo here. The component installer will do everything for you. You can se a working example here Code and strings are in Spanish this is my first component so please be patient we will be delivering this in English. Fabian Vascones is...

* 11. BlastChat - free chat for your website
* Keep your chat completely private or join chat network of over 22 thousand websites and more then 190 thousand chatters (fully integrated with your database). BlastChat client 2.2 is AJAX based standard Joomla and Mambo component, which will provide chat solution to your website. This client will communicate with BlastChat server (not using your bandwidth, not using your server's resources) and utilize BlastChat fast internet connection to allow responsive chatting experience. BlastChat client can be accompanied by BlastChat module 2.2.

* 12. Smart Favicon v. 1.1.0
* Smart Favicon - new version for both Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla 1.5.x. A funny way to make your web site charming and unique. The component aims at handling your favicon icons. It allows placing a unique icon per each page. If you wish the icons to rotate (e.g. showing sun when it is day and moon when it is night; or displaying different icons depending on the season) - you may set a period and frequency of rotation. Smart Favicon lets you uploading your own icons (the image will be resized automatically) as well as using the default set of favicon ...

* 13. Joomla! Pages: Articles with Templates 2008
* Joomla! Pages is a component designed and tested in Joomla! Versions 1.0.12 and Version 1.0.13 that allows users to clearly define *pages* and to control Joomla! in such a way that references to the article will *always* and *with certainty* brings up the template selected ( and the corresponding modules.) This is achieved by intercepting, interpreting and correcting the Item ID number issued in the URLs produced by Joomla!. The effect is, WHEN A LINK TO AN ARTICLE IS CLICKED, A NEW TEMPLATE IS USED. Your authors and publishers will be ever ...

* 14. Upcoming Contents Module: Coming Soon

* 15. Display Total Number of Content Items for Each Cat
* If you have visited someone'blog or if you are a blogger, then you know that blogger like to categorize their blog posts. It's a best practice to better manage your blog posts in more organized form. For a real live demo, you can either click on the "Demo" button above or go to and look for the "Blog Categories" section at the side navigation column. At the blogger site, you will see a total number of blog posts for each category. For example: Family (15) Job (5) Games (18).

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