Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wallpaper Scripts FREE


* 1 SEO friendly urls
* 2 Tag cloud
* 3 RSS feeds
* 4 Wallpaper Labels

* 1 Web based installation
* 2 ADVANCED Bulk upload
* 3 URL upload
* 4Contact page
* 5Unlimited Categories and Subcategories
* 6Ajax drag and drop friends management
* 7Authors management
* 8User management
* 9Support for templates & theme editor
* 10Automatic resize
* 11Captcha image security
* 12Multilanguage support
* 13Google sitemap generator
* 14Custom Wallpaper Watermarks
* 15Sponsors management
* 16Friends management
* 17Comments management
* 18Plugins/modules management
* 19Flexible site structure
* 20Social networks support


Download :

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